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adventure is out there!

adventure is out there!

I think everyone has some sort of inclination to explore. It’s a natural part of  the human biology. Whether you urges range from exploring your fridge to find that next stomach filling meal, to wanting to traverse the unknown deep reaches of space, it’s there.

         I often think of the reasons behind my own intentions to travel. Yes, I do want to see the world. I do want to trek through the jungles of the Amazonia and figure out ways to save the rain forest  I do want to go to Italy and have (supposedly) the best pizza and ice cream my taste buds could ever try. I would love to see the poles and slide with the penguins in Antartica,  and I would love to sleep on a beach in fiji, zorb down a mountain and into a stream in New Zealand… but why do I really want to travel? When this pops into my head, I feel like its best that I let those thoughts be.

    Sometimes, the term Wanderlust comes to mind. In German, the term translates to (don’t literally take my word for it) “one with the desire to wander”. I love this word, because its meaning quick and to the point. Am I a Wanderluster? maybe. There aren’t any real negative connotations to it, and regardless if there were, it would not affect me. 

As a Wanderluster, this is probably why I love to hike so much. If one desires to wander, why would one not desire to hike? Hiking epitomizes the lust for wandering, and also often tends to the needs of adventure. If the World is not accessible due to financial or other reasons, why not find a trail and do your adventuring there? Hell, why not even go into your backyard and walk around? And if you do not have a backyard, then walk around your block! I’ve noticed that so many people have such an leaning to see the world, that they often forget to see their own homes, their own surroundings, the very landscapes of where they came from. One should try to explore and appreciate where they came from before they go out into the world. There are tons of places to explore in your own hometown, and they don’t even have to be hiking hotspots. You just have to go out and make an effort to find them. 

"Just because most of the world has been explored, does not mean that I myself and others like me cannot explore it as well"

    -Follow the World

*Picture by Adrian Agudelo, in Joshua Tree, 2012, color edit by Follow the World


If you could sing your favorite song in any language, what language would you sing it in and why? 

Both views take place at sunset; the top was taken off the Eastern coast of Australia and the other was off the Western coast of North America.

different Hemispheres, different points of view, but all within the same wonderful world

***Photos By “Follow The World”, Australia 2004 and California, USA 2012

 Keep your head up. You never know what you’re going to see. The Eiffel Tower, France
***Photo By “Follow The World” 2005 

 Keep your head up. You never know what you’re going to see. 

The Eiffel Tower, France

***Photo By “Follow The World” 2005 

—-LOST IN TRANSLATION—-  (the posts where English and other Languages collide)    For the sake of life, don’t do it!*Photo by Hannah Barke, Shanghai, China 2010   

—-LOST IN TRANSLATION—-  (the posts where English and other Languages collide)

    For the sake of life, don’t do it!

*Photo by Hannah Barke, Shanghai, China 2010


"Remember: Happiness is a way of Travel, not a destination" -Roy GoodmanBeijing Capitol International Airport.*Photo by “Follow The World” August 2010

"Remember: Happiness is a way of Travel, not a destination" -Roy Goodman

Beijing Capitol International Airport.

*Photo by “Follow The World” August 2010

Shanghai at Night, as seen from the Shanghai World Financial Center. 20 years ago, Shanghai looked very green; now high rises and sky scrapers have sprouted left and right. Shanghai has seen much economic and social growth, especially within the last 5 years, and continues improving it’s living standards even to this day. It’s definitely a city to be reckoned with.

*before and after photo provided by
*All other Photos by William Barke and “Follow The World” August 2010